Our Services

Energy Awareness Days

Our Awareness days are fully interactive and get all levels of a company involved. Options for the Energy Awareness days include;

  • Online perception survey, designed to gauge the level of awareness amongst staff
  • Green Aware Watt Challenge "interactive" module
  • Watts it all about demonstration
  • Energy quiz
  • Staff given the opportunity to raise energy ideas for the company
  • Home energy audit sheet provided and explained
  • Energy tips for home and work
  • Update of current up and coming company energy projects
  • 30 Minute presentation on all aspects of energy

The Watt Challenge

Participants get the opportunity to generate their own electricity. Green Aware educators are on hand to tell them how much electricity has been generated.

Powered with this knowledge they will be able to make conscious efforts to conserve energy.

If the company employee sees firsthand how hard it is to generate electricity, they will understand why it is so important to conserve it.

Outsourced Energy Manager

Green Aware offer clients assistance with their energy programme. Green Aware understand that not all companies can have the position of energy manager and that they don’t have the time to work on energy reduction programmes and that is where we come in.

We can assist the client with as "little" or "as much" help as needed.

  • We can design and manage their energy program
  • Build and educate their energy team
  • Produce energy audits
  • Create staff engagement programs
  • Supply access to industry experts
  • Recommend energy saving projects
  • Carry out detailed cost benefit analysis

Visibly Green Programme

For any company energy programme to work it requires the commitment from key stakeholders to staff on the floor.

Employees need to visibly see the level of commitment that the organisation is showing, from energy boards to energy themes, switch off campaigns, etc.

The organisation needs to demonstrate its commitment to the energy programme, engaging with staff on new initiatives and energy idea forums, meetings, etc.

Green Aware works with organisations to promote their energy programmes

  • Assist energy team with developing and implementing energy programme
  • Develop energy policy that suits company
  • Work with energy manager to build energy team
  • Work with individual energy team players
  • Set & Agree Energy EMBO (Energy Management by Objectives)
  • Develop an energy audit specific to company needs
  • Educate staff on energy walks
  • Complete online staff energy perception survey
  • Provide access to industrial experts

Energy Management Database

Green Aware developed their Energy Management Database so companies could manage their energy programmes more effectively and monitor their progress and gain valuable feedback from the staff.

The database has a wide variety of uses such as:

  • Instant feedback by automatic email to each staff member who raises an idea
  • Energy Manager is notified when an energy idea is raised
  • Providing access for more than one manager to the database
  • Scheduling and managing energy meetings through the EMD system
  • Assign tasks to members of staff and get instant update when they update their task
  • By giving staff the opportunity to raise energy ideas a company will see its energy programme grow from strength to strength
  • By empowering staff to raise energy ideas they will continue to raise more ideas, as they will see a result for their efforts
  • Due to their extra effort companies will see the participation from staff increase and saving energy will become instinctive
  • EMD is a web based system, which means it is accessible at home or at work
  • EMD empowers company staff to raise energy ideas and feel part of an energy programme

Staff Energy Training

For any energy programme to succeed it requires the commitment from the energy team, facilities personel and general staff on the floor.

Using lean business practices Green Aware have developed a class room environment to engage an organizations staff in a fun manner, while getting a clear message across

  • What is energy
  • What is the energy management process
  • The aim of energy management
  • The role of the energy team
  • The role of the company manager
  • Benefits of good housekeeping
  • How to achieve staff engagement
  • Relevant Case Studies
  • Company energy policy principals
  • Complete energy/people matrix – set company benchmark
  • Using best business practices to achieve a common goal
  • Interesting energy facts
  • Identify and implement key energy indicators
  • Role out energy management by objectives – company roadmap